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Monday, March 22, 2010

THINK NEGATIVE: UW-Madison Photo Student Exhibit

The UW-Madison Photography Student Show has been a yearly event since 2006, and we are thrilled to welcome this year's show to the Steenbock!  Opening next week is the 2010 exhibit, with new work from photographers studying with Tom Jones and Jim Escalante in the undergraduate and graduate art programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   

THINK NEGATIVE features fresh and contemporary photography by Sarah Ripp, Jake Naughton, Alexander Devoe, Youn-Jae Ok, Kristen Juve, Jackie Matelski, Brittany Peterson, Ana Taylor, Linda Friend, Laurel Iber, Lisa Frank, Julie Insun Youn, Jordan Anderson, Patricia LaPointe, Niki Johnson, Andrea Brdek, Mayra Linares and Jena Schleis.

Get a sneak peek on our
Facebook page, and join us for the OPENING RECEPTION on Friday, April 9 from 7-9pm. Don't miss it!!!

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