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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Celebrate the 175th Anniversary of Dane County by participating in 
Day In Dane: A Community Photo Album. 

Residents of Dane County are invited to take photos during four designated 24-hour periods during 2011 and submit one photo from each period. An online Flickr photo album will be created for viewing throughout the year.

How to participate:
Take photos during the designated 24-hour periods identified below. Subject matter is open, but the
purpose is to produce photos that show what makes Dane County a special place to live and work.
Possible subjects might include landscapes, cityscapes, urban life, rural life, and people at work and
play. Inappropriate or offensive images will not be accepted.

Participants may submit one photo per designated 24-hour period. Photos must be taken during this
designated period of time and must be taken in Dane County. Submissions will be accepted for one
week following the close of each 24-hour period.

Photos should be sized at 72 ppi with the longest dimension not to exceed 960 pixels, and emailed to
dc175@hushmail.com. Include the photographer's name, contact information (email and phone
number), photo title and a brief description of where and when the photo was taken. Photos will be
previewed by a group of local professional photographers and uploaded to an online album.

The four photo dates are:
1. Noon, Friday, Feb. 25, to noon, Saturday, Feb. 26 (submit photos through March 6)
2. Noon, Friday, May 13, to noon, Saturday, May 14 (submit photos through May 22)
3. Noon, Saturday, July 2, to noon, Sunday, July 3 (submit photos through July 11)
4. Noon, Friday, Oct. 7, to noon, Saturday, Oct. 8 (submit photos through Oct. 16)

The photographer must retain a high resolution version of the photo (at least 15" by 9" at 300 ppi). All photos will be considered for use on the 2012 art poster produced by the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission and also for inclusion in a photo album to be placed in a time capsule for a future generation. This version SHOULD NOT be emailed with the initial submission. You will be contacted if
your photo is chosen for one of these projects. Copyright remains with the photographer at all times, however Dane County reserves the right to use submitted photos in conjunction with 175th Anniversary Events.

For further information visit the Dane County website.
Sponsored by Dane County, 210 Martin Luther King Blvd., Madison, WI 53703

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