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Monday, February 14, 2011

NJE photographer: Kate Wichlinski

Over the last two weeks you've met artists from all over Wisconsin, our remaining two weeks of profiles will introduce us to artists from around the country, who will be shipping their works to the Steenbock from near and from far. Our first non-native artist, from Memphis, Tennessee is Kate Wichlinski.

Self-Portraitinkjet print on bamboo paper 16" x 20" [$200]  
My photographs, using the stylistic conventions of the documentary, work to subvert the format and complicate it with my own vision, my own story. For my work, photography is the ideal medium because of its powerful claim to reality. I create images working in documentary style; I do not usually have preconceived images in my head, but conceptual outlines only.

See more of Kate's stunning work at KateWichlinski.com and check out her photo book Confluence, available at Blurb. The Nation Juried Exhibit is running from February 28 until April 8, with an opening reception scheduled on March 4 from 6-9pm.  See you then!!

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